Psira & Sasseta Skills Program

Skills Programme Level One

Duration: 3 Months

Price: R2000.00

Skills Programme Level Two

Duration: 4 Months

Price: R2300.00

Skills Programme Level Three

Duration: 4 Months

Price: R2500.00

Grade B

Duration: 1 Week

Price: R900.00

Grade A

Duration: 1 Week

Price: R1000.00

Grade E to Combo

Duration: 3 Weeks

Price: R1800.00

Grade E to B Combo

Duration: 4 Weeks

Price: R1900.00

Grade E to A Combo

Duration: 5 Weeks

Price: R2000.00

Psira Specialised Courses

Psira Grade - Response Security

Duration: 1 Week

Price: R850.00

Psira Grade - Cash in Transit

Duration: 1 Week

Price: R1100.00

Psira Grade - Special Events Security

Duration: 1 Week

Price: R800.00

Psira Grade - Crowd Training Management Course

Duration: 1 Week

Price: R900.00

Psira Grade - Bank Security

Duration: 1 Week

Price: R900.00

Psira Grade - Retail Security

Duration: 1 Week

Price: R1000.00

Psira Grade - Instructor's Course/Facilitator's Course

Duration: 2 Weeks

Price: R2500.00


Black Chain Training Academy

Mogale Square Plaza Office No. 50

Cnr President and Rissik Street




About Us


Black Chain Security

Name of Director
Mr. Michael Mashishi

Contact Information
Head Office Postal Address Electronic Contacts
Mogale Square Plaza P.O.Box 40165 Tel. No.011 056 8154
Cnr. President & Rissik Street Arcadia Cell No: 078-631-0076
Krugersdorp 0007 E-Mail: blackchainsecuritty@gmail.com

Management Team
Managing Director: Mr. Michael Mashishi
HR Manager: Miss Neo Maimela
Marketing Director: Mr. Thati Makgale
Operation Manager: Mr. Kgotso Makgale
Secretary: Miss Phemelo Phiri

Black Chain Security has grown humbles from the beginning to a true reflection of positive energy, diversity and strength that the people of South Africa have come to associate with. The group is headed by a team of specialized and focused individuals driven to develop and uplift staff that will go a lot further than simply just responding to security needs. One of our primary objectives which fall in the line with our development program is to increase expertise through training and up-skill programs. We have a management team with a solid and proven track record.

Our Mission
Black Chain Security is centered on being a leading service provider of security services / performance. Our philosophy is to excel in all operations. Quality and services are the cornerstones of our business and excellence is our driving force. We maintain a sound balance between resources, social responsibilities and profitability. We are committed to job creation and skills transfer.
We believe that high standards of professionalism should be demonstrated at all times. This is lived out through the competence of our people and our integrity.

Infrastructure and Capability

  • Geographical operations will take place throughout the suburbs of nine provinces and rural areas.
  • Operations are expanded to other major centers in South Africa.
  • Activities are confined, guarding, patrolling and private investigations.
  • BCS operates out of administrative offices dedicated to this purpose of an immovable structure. This location is accessible inspectors and potential clients during office hours.
  • The administrative offices contain all equipment’s that is necessary for the effective management and administration of the business in accordance with provisions of the act.
  • BCS is managed and controlled by appropriately skilled, trained and experienced personnel.
  • BCS employs sufficient registered and trained security officers to render services as contracted.
  • BCS has the equipment, including vehicles and uniforms to issue to its officers in view of the nature of their functions.
  • BCS is in lawful possession of firearms and other weapons necessary to render service in respect of which they get contracted.

BCS is equipped with vehicles for patrolling and off-road capability. High speed vehicles are also among the fleet of vehicles currently in operation.

Our Services
South Africa has been faced with an increase in general crime over the last period. This increase however, has not been limited to theft and violent crimes alone, which is the perception of the individual living day to day in South Africa there too has been an increase in “white collar crime” an instance of that crime has the direct result of costing individuals and corporations millions of rands annually. This fact, as well the fact that South African police services are unable to keep up with the demand placed on them; led to the establishment of BCS.
Our services are flexible to our client’s specific needs and we are not restricted by geographical or territorial limitations.
BCS intends to establish itself in the private security industry focusing specifically on guarding and patrolling of commercial, industrial property. The head office is based in Krugersdorp in Gauteng Province with the intention of expanding nationally.
BCS is registered at the Private Security Regulator Authority (PSIRA) as a provider of guarding and patrolling and also registered with SASSETA for training purpose.
As a direct result of the crime increase relating to housebreaking and theft over the past five years, the market requirement for security services has grown dramatically.

BCS offers a wide range of highly specialized services to residential, retail, commercial and industrial businesses.
Furthermore the company’s personnel are trained to contribute strongly in maintaining the image at all times.


  • SAPS fingerprint and identikit clearance.
  • PSIRA certification and up to date registration
  • Polygraph testing.
  • All security officers are trained in accordance with ISO regulations.
  • Firearm training as per Government legislation.



  • Disciplined organization.
  • Attendance inspections.
  • Uniform and equipment inspections.

Staff Benefits

  • On procedures and policies
  • Bonus incentives
  • Promotion from within
  • Independent quality management
  • Monthly client liaison
  • Non-conformance reports
  • Site audit inspection and reports
  • Independent reporting on quality control in all areas, ensuring consistent high levels of service.

Management Commitment

  • Specific job description
  • Refreshing Training
  • Weekly and monthly meetings
  • Selection of manpower Supervised site visits, day and night Management availability 24- hours / 7 days a week.

Company Structure
BCS organizational portfolio covers services ranging from guarding solutions and services.
Armed reaction and VIP Protection services; Access control as well as technical support such as Alarms, CCTV installations and monitoring of the systems. All services are performed in both the commercial and residential environments.

We pride ourselves in our ability to perform these services as well as all related technical functionalities in-house, thus ensure that they are dealing with a single point of contact and do not have to be concerned about entertaining multiple vendors in their environments. This provides peace of mind in the fact that you as a client are guaranteed a level of services that is underwritten by one responsible organization.

Our organization is operated by an entrenched culture of services that ranges from our directors right to our guards and technicians. This way we ensure by performing random checks on all our staff regarding their credibility and honesty. We further ensure that they are in fact performing the functions daily that they are contracted to do.

BCS approach priorities understanding the client’s business, sector and value proposition before designing end to end solutions using input from the suppliers, partners and customers. This enables BCS to offer the most cost-effective and efficient solution.
While BCS continues to align itself with our clients, part of BCS social development program is aimed at developing expertise within the group through training and up-skill programs.

We Pride ourselves in our business and ensuring a better Security Service to our Valuable clients. WE ARE THE BEST PHYSICAL & DIGITAL SECURITY SOLUTION PROVIDER


Government Buildings: Protect buildings and equipment from vandalism and theft; improve safety for staff.

Industrial: Monitor manufacturing lines, industrial and pharmaceutical processes, automation, warehouse and stock control systems.

Retail: Protect staff and assets, verify transactions and cut down on false alarms.

Offices: Keep an eye on entrances, reception areas or queues.

Armed Reaction

  • Only a panic button away
  • The reaction division of BCS offers all its clients an all – inclusive “shopping” opportunity. This shopping menu covers both the most efficient and cost effective way.
  • The core products services comprise a full spectrum of Digital Security Electronic installations, including Digital Surveillance
  • Cameras with Motion Detection, alarm systems, electric fencing, access control and 24- hour guarding service.
  • BCS has a well-established compliment of armed response / reaction officers and vehicles active in Gauteng and other places in South Africa.
  • BCS has a well-established compliment of armed response / reaction officers and vehicles active in the suburbs.
  • BCS ensures a very personalized relationship with its clients, out of which develops a strong bond mutual trust.

Central Monitoring Station
The central monitoring station is the nerve center of BCS and is monitored on a full time 24- hour basis. A sense pf alertness prevails in the central monitoring station as the signals received are automatically decoded by a fully computerized systems. This process is managed by trained control center personnel.

Armed Response Training
A trained and motivated armed reaction force has become an essential part of security program.
Criminals cannot be apprehended by untrained security officers. The BCS training program ensures that reaction officers are qualified to deal effectively with emergency situations.

Training and Development
Black Chain Security has developed a comprehensive training and crime prevention program.
This program is the foundation from which all security officers receive the very best in psychological crime defense training. Prior to security officers commencing with the training program, all candidates are cleared and screened in:

  • S.A.P.S fingerprint and identikit
  • PSIRA certification
  • Pre- employment polygraph testing


Policies and procedures are developed and adapted in the company’s training facility, in accordance with each security officers’ job specifications. On successful completion of the training program, each security officer receives additional training based on an in-depth site analysis and client requirements specific to the property which they have been deployed. This on-site training is conducted as part of the client services offered to ensure that the security officers’ posts are manned correctly and effectively.
All security officers are placed as per client instructions, along with their respective duties and tertiary services. Whether patrolling, providing accept their role as representatives of the client.

First impressions are important and all Black Chain Security staff members are trained and to take pride in their appearance and actions.

The client can be assured that all Black Chain Security officers will perform their role with corporate identity, pride and specific needs in mind, acting at all times as ambassadors to the stakeholders.

Government and Adherence
The organization adheres to the following legal requirement and recommendations surrounding the operation of an organization involved in the private security industry:

The private security industry regulations Act, 2001 (act no 65, 2001) regarding the adequate protection of fundamental rights to life and security of the person as well as the right not to be deprived of property. Inclusive the regulations made under this act.
The security officer’s Board Training Regulations made. The security officers (act no. 92 of 1087).
As amended and finalized pursuant to the minister of law and order, after consulting with the security officers board, under section 32(1) of the security officers act, 1987 (act no. 92 of 1987).

The basic conditions of employment act, no.75 of 1997 read with the sector determination 6: private security sector, South Africa finalized in terms of section 51(1) of the basic conditions of employment.
Improper conduct inquiries regulations, 2001.
The requirement of the skills development ACT 1998 will be met as prescribed. The organization is in process of becoming part of prospect SETA and more specifically part of the private security chamber.
This will include the submission of workplace skills planning and annual training reports.
The regulations contained in the government gazette notice no. 26 of 20 March as is refers to private security – including all private security companies, providing personal protection as well as intruder detection companies, has been studied and is to be implemented.

Our guiding beacons are as follows:

  • Community – through our commitment to responsibility and respect for others, we protect the health, safety and security of our environment and the welfare of our community.
  • Trust – we inspire trust through our integrity, honesty and delivery.
  • Collaboration – we enrich our ecosystem through participation and customer focused teamwork.
  • Energy – we are passionate about what we do and have fun nurturing and strengthening prosperity and success.
  • Innovation – the key to our continued growth and performance lies in leadership in building a democratic and empowered future for all now and in the future.
  • We provide our people with opportunities to develop to their fullest potential by ensuring quality leadership, rewarding excellent performance and encouraging innovation.
  • We value the diversity of our people.
  • Our business is run with a commercial and customer-centric orientation.

    Conclusion: Black Chain Security is committed to provide its clients with the best and true Physical and Digital Security Services.